About the Professional Year Program

Have you finished your degree but want to gain additional skills and knowledge to establish your career in Australia? Now you can kick-start your career with help from the Professional Year Program with ATMC.

ATMC offers Professional Year programs through the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for information technology graduates and accounting programs through the Accounting PYP.

The Professional Year (PY) Program is specifically designed for international students who have graduated from an Australian university and are looking for a successful pathway from university to employment and residency in Australia.  Professional Year is a job preparation program that will equip you with the professional skills necessary for a successful career in the Australian workforce.

The program is run by our highly experienced trainers, who take a keen interest in each participant’s educational journey. Trainers help participants with course content whilst also giving them the opportunity to express their opinions, so participants graduate with the academic knowledge and confidence needed to excel in their fields.

The PY program consists of the following components:

  • Communications and Performance in the Australian Workplace
  • Entry and Advancement in the Australian Workplace
  • Internship